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We hope you’ll continue to submit reports to us, and if we’ve lost your trust, we hope to earn it back through our work.


Update: We’ve noticed that some have requested we also release screenshots confirming that StudioJiggly admitted to acting with “malicious intent” and that she and others were seeking out the private identities of our admin team members in order to harass them personally.

Some of the evidence we have cannot be publicly posted, as they include private or semi-private conversations that concerned members reported to us and that, by posting, would essentially “out” or draw suspicion to the person who sent them to us.

However, we can provide screenshots of some of the public comments StudioJiggly has made on a Discord server.

After repeatedly posting Grokio's business addresses while baselessly accusing the company of tax evasion and fraud, StudioJiggly defended her actions here:


We also want to clarify that posting Grokio’s public business address is NOT the reason we removed StudioJiggly and is not what we have been referencing when discussing attempts to doxx our individual admins. Our public business address is listed in our legal terms and available to all members. However her admission that she repeatedly made defamatory accusations of fraud and tax evasion with “malicious intent” was a factor.

Later on the same Discord, she also repeatedly attempted to identify individual members of our admin team, saying “they should be punished” (again, referring to individual admins, not the company). You can see some of those public comments here:


We were also made aware of similar comments she and others made attempting to identify individual members of our admin team and expressing a desire to harass or intimidate them personally as early as Monday of this week, however those were submitted to us from private or semi-private conversations and so we can’t post them publicly. But these public comments provide some context for the situation.


This post was made on our blog as it was too long for our posting limits on Feabie for a sticky post and we wanted to be able to provide the full context of the situation.